Mul-T-Lock Locking Systems


High-Security Locking Systems


Mul-T-Lock is a worldwide leader in high-security locking solutions, utilising the very latest technology to manufacture a range of high-quality products, including keys, smart locks, cylinder locks, padlocks and more.

Access Automation is proud to serve as a trusted supplier of Mul-T-Lock products to customers in Essex, providing the expertise needed to match the ideal product with your specific requirements for security and functionality.

By selecting Mul-T-Lock products with Access Automation, you can confidently invest in state-of-the-art locking systems that offer the utmost protection and peace of mind.

Contact the team at Access Automation today to discover more about our extensive range of Mul-T-Lock products and how we can support you in safeguarding your property.

Mul-T-Lock Locking Systems


Mul-T-Lock’s range of high-security locking solutions are designed to ensure the safety of people, properties and assets that you care about most. With this responsibility firmly in mind, Mul-T-Lock understands that security is of the utmost priority.

For this reason, Mul-T-Lock keys cannot be duplicated without a unique key card. This means Mul-T-Lock locks are the perfect solution for landlords and business owners who wish to maintain full control of key duplication.

Contact Access Automation today to discover the range of Mul-T-Lock products available.


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