Automatic Doors Essex

Access Automation has supplied and installed automatic doors throughout the Essex and surrounding area for many years, fitting them to shops, public buildings, and offices. We can design and customise our door range to perfectly fit your needs and give you the visual appeal and security you need. 

We are always looking to ensure we supply the most up-to-date technology in automatic doors available on the market, offering a door that works seamlessly and requires a low amount of maintenance.

Types of Automatic Door

At Access Automation we offer two main types of automatic door systems. These doors can be used in a range of different settings including indoor and outdoor entrances as well as internally. 

Automatic sliding doorsSliding doors create a door solution that gives smooth motion and are the most common type of door automation available. They allow for two-way traffic and offer a large space for walking through making them accessible easily. The drawback to these doors is that they need a large space to operate so this will need to be accounted for when working out where to place them. 

Automated Swing Doors – This is a system that uses two doors that can swing in one direction or the other as well as opening in opposite directions to allow for two-way traffic.

Benefits of Automatic Doors

Automatic doors aren’t just a modern convenience; they offer genuine benefits over traditional manual doors. For busy places like shopping centres or hospitals, where there’s a constant flow of people, an automatic door can make a world of difference. Imagine not having to juggle shopping bags to open a door, or an emergency at a hospital where every second counts – these doors make things flow smoother.

Every building has its unique character and needs, and the challenge is finding the right fit. While sliding doors might look good in a shopping mall, they might not fit the feel or function of a quaint bed and breakfast. On the other hand, swing doors, which gently push open, might feel out of place in a busy train station but are perfect for a quiet office setting. Our team are highly experienced in installing automatic doors and is happy to offer advice on the best solution to suit your needs. 

If you are unsure what is the right choice for your premises or just need some expert guidance, our dedicated team is here to help. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us; we’re always ready to offer tailored advice and solutions.

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